Feb 2, 2012

Apocalypse - The Rules - Part 1

Since the game of Warhammer 40K is a living system - one that changes over time - it is affected by each new release. Games Workshop usually has some (often delayed) processes that update older supplements as the core of the rules, and the codex books are released.

Apocalypse is no exception, and things have changed quite a bit with updates from Forge World and now even Games Workshop has finally decided to take a stance on some key issues that were left out to dry.

Over the next little while I'm going to be having a look at the Apocalypse rules as they stand now, and what implications they have.

This week I'm going to have a look over the most updated rules as published in Imperial Armor Apocalypse - Second Edition.

Super-Heavy Vehicles - Shooting

Something to note about Super-heavy Vehicles and their shooting is that you work out line of sight by using the barrel of the weapon, which is contrary to the normal rules for drawing line of sight using the normal 40K rules. The 40k rules state you must draw line of sight from the weapon mounting, and then along its barrel.

This is an important and distinct difference because it allows vehicles like Titans to actually draw line of sight, even if they are modeled in elaborate poses, just like the ones shown on the Forge World website. Note that weapons still have firing arcs. In practice this is not much different than the rules in the 40K rulebook governing weapons that are glued in place on vehicles.

Super-Heavy Fast Vehicles

Super-Heavy fast vehicles have been reduced in speed. They can still move up to 12" and fire all of their weapons. Although the Apocalypse rules indicate they can move up to 24", the maximum speed of a  Fast Super-Heavy can move is now 18" with the updated rules in IAA - SE.

Super-Heavy Skimmers

Being an Eldar player this one strikes home - Super Heavy Skimmers with Structure Points are destroyed as normal if Immobilized while moving flat out. The chances of this are very slim. Firstly, you must already have suffered a drive damaged result, then fail the terrain test, which you can reroll because the vehicle is a Super-Heavy.

Super-Heavy Transports

The rules now specify that suffering an Apocalyptic Explosion result on the Catastrophic Damage table causes all transported units to automatically and immediately be destroyed, with no saves, or Invulnerable saves allowed - OUCH!.

AP 1

AP 1 weapons now add +1 to the damage chart on Super-Heavy vehicles.  There is some debate if this counts in addition to the +1 bonus from destroyer weapons (why otherwise have destroyer weapons that are AP 1 - though knowing the logic that GW employs, there were issues like this going back to 3rd edition.).

I've heard some people saying that this is not what was indended, but a clarification/FAQ would be appreciated. This was never FAQ'd, and these reprint of the rules don't seem to help at all.

Flyers - Movement

Clarification was added that Flyers do not block movement for other models, unless they are using hover mode.

Flyers - Shooting at Flyers

The old process of downgrading penetrating hits is gone, and now is replaced with a 4+ cover save, which is the equivalent of moving flat-out as a skimmer. This definitely hurts flyers like the Manta, and every Eldar flyer (because only one type of save can be taken).

Flyers - Bombs

Clarification added that prevents flyers from using bombs while in hover mode.

 Destroyer Weapons

No real rule changes here, but it was updated to take account the new edition of 40K. Note that destroyer weapons ignore cover, which means like flyers, skimmers moving fast aren't any more protected. These weapons are still automatic penetrating hits - so your special rules aren't going to help here!

Eldar Titan Holo-Fields
Just note that there are several descriptions and rules for these across multiple units. Sometimes it is an Invulnerable save, sometimes it is just a roll to negate damage entirely. What a confusing mess as this affects the survivability of several units. They really need to decide which it is, unfortunately, you need to play it as written for each datasheet. Overall

Gargantuan Creatures - Shooting at

There is still some nonsense here about how Gargantuan creatures are hit by blasts. If the hole is not over the base (or body) then the creature is hit on 4+ "as normal." Strange.

These are just some things that I have picked up on. I'll be looking at more changes to how Apocalypse plays soon. It's clear the rules are still 'outdated' in some instances, and the rules haven't been well treated between editions.


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