Nov 6, 2011

Phantom Titan [1]

Things are starting to ramp up around here. I have more time and energy now to work on my projects and I have started to get things ready for a very large apocalypse game - this is going to be fun. More on that in a future post.

Right now I've started to assemble a Phantom Titan that I managed to get for a very good deal. It was not without some flaws however but I think I have corrected most of them. I still need to get some weapons for this thing to make it blast things into vapors but so far so good.

The entire titan is glued together and pinned, with long 1/8" thick brass rods drilled into the structure of the titan that allows it to maintain the pose it has while still being very stable on it's 10 inch base, to which the feet are also anchored by glue and more brass rods. Multiple pieces of resin are attached using a single strong pin such as the hip joint and sections of the torso.

The pulse laser is magnetized so that I can replace it with the starcannon if I want to.


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