Oct 15, 2011

Dark Eldar Superheavy Scratchbuild [11]

The Rapier now has a set of engines to send it screaming through the sky, and I have managed to get some pieces sanded and blended quite well - very near getting this thing to a state where I can start painting.

The fins are actually attached using sets of magnets - this allows them to be removed and reattached as needed as it will help the vehicle keep a smaller profile for storage. Also, there is less chance of something breaking this way because instead of snapping, it will just pop off the magnets, there is still some things that need to be filled in and made flush and the fins themselves need to be touched up.

As for the fins, they are similar to stock Dark Eldar flyers and underside of their vehicles in terms of angles. We also see the engines getting Eldar/Dark Eldar style engine vents and the front intakes are starting to take shape. It still looks a bit rough in places overall, but some of it is penciling that can be removed with an eraser - I'm using these as guidelines for etching and correctly positioning things.

Let's answer some questions that appeared in the last post.

Kris Belleau asked: "Awesome! I like the pulsars... but if they are of Dark Eldar origin, then wouldn't they look like dark lances?... ;) Is it going to be the same color scheme as the rest of your DE?"

The answer to this is, yes, they probably would look like dark lances in this case. I've been toying around with making a large Dark Eldar style weapon that would fit, so the pulsars are kinda standing in for the moment.

As for the color, yes, it will be painted up the same as my other Dark Eldar stuff.



Kris Belleau October 15, 2011 at 3:34 PM  

This model is all kinds of cool...

I like the tail fins, makes it bigger some how.

man, you're almost done...

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