Oct 1, 2011

Dark Eldar Superheavy [7]

Work continues on the Dark Eldar Superheavy flyer. I've started coming up with ideas for the nose, and although I have later revised it, the basic construction principle is the same.

Starting with the basic shape on one layer of plasticard, building it up slowly using multiple layers and curving them into the shape that is desired. As with the other components extra bits of sprue and pieces of left over plasticard are recycled into building the inside structural work.

With the sprue bits in place plastic rods were also added to the front which would later on assist in the forward weapon mount.

Then there is the buildup to create the place where the cockpit will go. It it just more plasticard cemented to the other base layers. You can see that it covers over the plastic tubing. 

Finally you can see I decided I didn't like the design as is, and I ended up revising the whole thing. The method is the same though, building everything up. Here you can see one of the cockpits added to the center of the design. There's quite a bit of work left to do.


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