Oct 23, 2011

Dark Eldar Rapier - Painting [1]

It's time to paint this Dark Eldar Superheavy flyer scratchbuild. With the work being completed for the most part I'm now moving onto the painting stage for this model. The paint is Hawk Turquoise which makes up the color of the rest of my Dark Eldar force. In this instance I have prepainted the surface of the model with floor polish as this helps to hide the gaps and other little issues that cropped up during the construction. The floor polish is acrylic, so it also helps the paint to bond afterwards and the next layer of paint is actually mixed further with floor polish to continue to help mask imperfections.

After this I will use another layer of thin paint to give it a normal appearance - and to take away the extra shine that it currently has from so many smooth coats mixed with floor polish. This is also why the initial paint seems to be of a poor quality as I'm not so concerned at this point with the pigmentation, just getting everything ready for that stage later. The canopies are currently being tinted in this process as well, the Dark Eldar pilots have yet to be added but that will come along later as painting progresses! I decided on an off yellow green color as yellow food coloring does not have a good way of mixing with the floor polish to do the tinting. In this process though I found that the color I created was suitably alien enough and I like the end result - those pictures to come later.

There are a few flaws I noticed since doing this that were not apparent until the paint went on so I'm going to go back and correct them.

For now please enjoy the pictures below as I get this model closer to being fully completed.


Cannonfodder October 24, 2011 at 6:55 AM  

such a nice work but after seeing the paint on it I fear that cardboard is the wrong material. I would strongly suggest to use plastic instead.
What I mean is the warping on the wings- it makes all your efforts pointless which is a shame.

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