Sep 20, 2011

Dark Eldar Superheavy [3]

Creating wings is part of the whole process, and I knew exactly what approach I wanted to try when I was working to scratchbuild this time around based on the experience I had gained in doing the other projects.

Being somewhat limited by the physical size of my raw material (which again, is "For Sale" style signs that are a very cheap source of plasticard) meant that I would at least have to build the model in three separate sections. This material is particularly great for lamination as it is thin and flexible, allowing for the creation of shapes that are curved that will hold the shape after completion from the lamination process. Laminating the sheets is fast; with a bit of contact cement they stick together and hold the shape they are set with once the cement is hardened.

I set out starting with one of the wings, using the shape I had come up with as the basis. I knew based on the curves I wanted to achieve that I would need to create an outer and inner wing structure for lamination. Tracing this shape from a template I then cut the plasticard out and began to work on the construction of one of the wings.

You can see the basic shape of a wing below.

Two of these shapes are needed in order to create the inner wing. Spacers made from bits of sprue and PVC piping are used to give rounded shapes and to bulk up the inner wing, while sections not needing the extra dimensionality will be laminated together to form a smooth even curve. Later on these sections will be reenforced to make the wing more rigid. You can see the wing begin to take shape below.


eldaraddict September 21, 2011 at 1:36 PM  

Very nice. I really like how you are giving the wing body by sandwitching two layers of plasticard. Great work. I like the overall shape too. Very Dark eldary.

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