Sep 18, 2011

Dark Eldar Super Heavy

So, what's in a Dark Eldar super heavy vehicle? Something that's obviously in line with the series of Eldar vehicles of that size, and yet still distinctly Dark Eldar. Some would argue that Dark Eldar do not need or would have no use for larger vehicles that would invariably slow down their raids into real space and otherwise present too obvious of a target.

Dark Eldar would have a need for larger vehicles, and even if not directly, then under the aid of Eldar corsairs. Even the Void Dragon Phoenix is available to both the Eldar and Dark Eldar. It stands to reason that they can get at least some support from the skies. Why wouldn't the more wealthy and powerful Archons have access to various technologies to allow them to complete even more daring excursions into real space?

I think with the recent amount of Forge World love the Dark Eldar have been getting, especially with the new Tantalus (which I really hate the name of, but that's another argument), it's quite obvious we will be seeing larger Dark Eldar vehicles in the future.

With that in mind, I decided I wanted to work on a Dark Eldar super heavy vehicle to use in Apocalypse. There is the ever obvious making just a larger raider/ravager, but somehow this idea seems a bit too obvious, and I didn't want to mirror the Falcon to Scorpion kind of transition in the Eldar. What I wanted to do was make my Dark Eldar in apocalypse a force that was based primarily in the air.

I got down to doing some sketching to get my ideas in place, we'll just see where this leads...


Kris Belleau September 18, 2011 at 2:47 PM  

Interesting, is it to be smaller than a razorwing?

or is the design intended to be like a superheavy bomber? or SH transport?

Dark Eldar in apoc is kinda tough one, flyers is the way to go I think... also a gargantuan creature would be fun as well... like a huge cronos or talos like creature.

similar to the Rancor entraining Jabba...

Akenseth September 19, 2011 at 6:53 PM  

What I'm looking at is building something about the size of a Vampire.

A large creature also sounds like a good idea, I might have to try doing that after this build.

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