Jan 4, 2011

Razorwing Scratchbuild (4)

At last I have the bits that I need in order to get this model complete. Just in time too!

One of the bits required is the Fire Prism turret. The reason I'm using this instead of one from a Vyper or a Falcon is because the Fire Prism has a low profile and it is in my opinion the most aerodynamic shape available without having to go to the method of making one from scratch.

Here the upper hull is trimmed and the inside is placed together. The bottom is sanded down so it creates a smooth bottom to attach to the model.

This is where the bend in the hull is needed from the previous step. It allows the trimmed Fire Prism turret to fit snugly in place to the Razorwing hull. The gaps will be filled in later during another step to create a smooth profile and connection to the plasticard hull. This same method was used for the Void Raven.

There is not much more to do now until the filling and shaping the rest of the model. Getting there!


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