Jan 3, 2011

Razorwing Scratchbuild (3)

Today we will be focusing on building the wings and attaching them to the hull.

The wings are built in several layers like the hull, but they have the basic shape as shown in this picture. The wing design is based off of the Eldar Nightwing.

The wings are built up and tested against the hull to make sure that everything is looking well. Once done, the wings have a 'S'-curve bent into their shape.

Sprue spacers are added on the wings to pull them away from the hull. The gaps will be filled in later. The engine upgrades from the Fire Prism kit are added to the back of the hull, glued on. A new layer is added over these spacers and the engines to cement the model together.

Finally the top of a Warwalker is added to where the bottom hull makes a curve thanks to the spacers on the wings. Since Dark Eldar intakes are on the bottom instead of the top, this seemed appropriate.

Now the tail fins need to be constructed for the back and other details built; however most of the main hull of the vehicle is complete and only needs to be filled in with green stuff.  I am waiting on some bits to come in order to start building up the rest of this model.


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