Jan 2, 2011

Razorwing Scratchbuild (2)

Continuing on with the Razorwing project. We are now moving onto constructing the upper hull layers.

This is the next hull shape, which is very similar to the base shape but has a few sections that are cut out. Again this was created using the same method in Part 1.

Above are two more hull shapes that will be pressed together. The lower shape provides the braces for the front fin-blades. These braces are also bent down prior to sandwiching the layers together.

The pieces are lined up and squished together firmly to create a strong bond.

The only thing left to do to the top part of the hull is to provide a slight bend to it. This is for a couple reasons - the wings will be able to fit between the upper and lower hull, and to allow the cockpit to be placed on the model in a smooth elegant fashion as befits an Eldar vehicle.


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