Jan 2, 2011

Razorwing Scratchbuild (1)

I'm going to be going through the steps to build a Razorwing Jetfighter from plasticard, green stuff, sprue bits and extra Eldar and Dark Eldar components laying around. Let's get started!

The first step is to create the template, although you will not have to do this once I get around to cleaning them up and putting them on the Internet. With the template done a mockup should be made with paper or light card before continuing onto building the Razorwing. Please excuse the crudeness of the template. It's not perfect to the final design.

Next is tracing the template out onto plasticard. In this example I'm using the back of a large "For Sale" sign, since they are a very cheap source of plasticard. My template needs to be flipped to make the full design of the hull, so I also draw the center line for reference.

It is time to cut out the design of the hull. Since the model is built up in layers, this is only the core layer of the hull that is sandwiched between the other layers. One layer of the front fins are on this layer for that reason.

For the last of this step, I bend down the front fins at an angle to cause them to come together at their tips. It is important to do the bending before you start gluing because the glue will harden the shape later on.

This is all for the first part of the construction of Razorwing Jetfighters


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