Nov 26, 2010

Imperial Vs. Tyranid - Part 2

Hello again folks. This game was actually finished awhile back, but stuff has been happening and I kept forgetting to throw this up on the site.

So...lesse...last we left off, it was the Imperials turn 3 and the Space Marines just arrived.

So here we can see the Marines coming down. one of the Drop Pods landed horribly and ended up mishapping into the middle of the field there. Logan gave his Long Fangs armed with 5 Multi-meltas Relentless to try and alpha strike the Hive Tyrant. Darn thing had an invunerable save and was left standing with 1 wound left. The Dreadnaught opened up with its Multi-melta as well but ended up failing to hit. Too much beer aparently. The Grey Hunters near the northern objective rapid fired on the gaunts and did some serious damage. The newly regrouped Storm Troopers fired on the Hormagaunts for minimal casulties. The Genestealers, having been Catalysted by the Tervigon last turn, proved to be incredibly hard to kill. The Tervigon again proved to be...a match for the Guardsmen. Or the other way around, really. The Guardsmen managed to wound it, but it saved. It killed one in return, and they would pass their Leadership.

The field after the nids turn. Ouch.

The Mawlocs rose, and this is what I was hoping to avoid with the marines by having first turn. Unfortunately....nope. The Mawlocs came up and nearly wiped out the Long Fangs and only taking out a couple of Grey Hunters. The nids started running for the lower objective, while consolidating the main entrance. The Hive Guard shot the Dreadnaught and managed to destroy it horribly. Poor guy. They continued to fire and destroy all the Drop Pods. In the Assault Phase, the Genestealers nearly wiped out the Grey Hunter unit and the second Genestealer unit was positioned to get a triple charge off, assaulting three guard units. The Guardsmen were slaughtered horrendously, taking upwards of 9 casualties all together, only causing two back. They all broke and were caught by the Genestealers. The Tervigon continued its duel with the guardsmen and the Storm Troopers were demolished by the Ripper Swarms.

The Imperials returned with some gusto. Movement consisted mainly of getting ready for things. The Command Squad started to move to counter the Hormagaunts. Logan left the Long Fangs and charged the Mawloc, while the final Long Fang got ready to fire on the Hive Tyrant to take it down. The Grey Hunters moved to occupy the objective.The Guardsmen opened up to take the Genestealers down to 2 left. The Hive Tyrant made its invun save unfortunately, but the Leman Russ, its battle cannon having been blown off, fired all its Heavy Bolters at it, and managed to knock off the last wound of it. Logan charged the Mawloc...and promptly got eaten by it. What a crappy way to go.

The nids retaliate equally so. The Tervigon free, spawned some Termagaunts while the Hive Guard started making some instinct behavior. One of them failing and the other two passing. The Venomthrope charged the last Long Fang while the hormagaunts continued traversing around the building. One unit of Hive Guard got ready to charge the Grey Hunters up top as well. Shooting went without much happening. In the Assault Phase, the Long Fang managed to kill the Venomthrope singlehandedly by running him down after causing a wound to it. The Genestealers ran up and charged the guardsmen, but go slaughtered while the guard only lost 1 in return.The Hive Guard drew against the Grey Hunters, who managed to miss all their power fist retaliation attacks.

Finally the Sentinals who I kept forgetting I had in reserve arrived, and opened up on the Tervigon, managing to score a few wounds. The other squad came on the other side, and knocked out a few Rippers. The Leman Russ moved forward to use some of its Heavy Bolters. The Command Squad moved forward to pen up with the Flamers and Heavy Flamer on the Hormagaunts, wiping the unit out. The Long Fang shot innefectivly and the combat between the Hive Guard continued ineffectively.

This being the next to final turn, I just combined it into a single shot, as you can pretty much figure out what happened. The Long Fang took down the Rippers that charged it amazingly, the Sentinals got destroyed by the Tervigon while the Guardsmen moved up to try and contest the lower objective. The Hive Guard charged the Leman Russ and immobilized it, while the combat between the Guard and Hunters continued up top.

The final turn of the game I forgot to screencap, but it was essentially the guardsmen running up to contest the lower objective, while the other objectives had no scoring units by them. The game ending in a draw with the Morale victory going to the Nids for having gotten more killpoints than me. Darn them!


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