Nov 14, 2010

Dark Eldar Void Raven

Well, it's been a busy week for me, but I got a chance to visit the Games Workshop store that's nearest to me and managed to pick up some Dark Eldar stuff and have a look at all the goodies the store had on display. Now, if you've been following Path of the Exodite for a while, you will know that the nearest Games Workshop store is 5 hours away, so I was quite exited to go.

So I've been getting some stuff ready, but I thought I would tease you with this silhouette of a Dark Eldar Void Raven that I'm pinching between my fingers. Stay tuned for more!


Karnstein November 15, 2010 at 12:34 PM  

Wait wait, is that something you saw at the store, are did you spent your week with one of your fantastic scratch-builds again?

I'm confused a bit. That silhouette looks a bit too neat for a simple conversion/scratchbuild someone does just on the fly. On the other hand the codex says that the void raven shares a similar silhouette with the razorwing and unless those wings can be swept back like those of a F-14 tomcat, it doesn't look like the artwork from the codex.

o_O ...staying tuned for more!

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