Nov 29, 2010

Dark Eldar Aircraft: Where is our Extra Armor?

Unlike the Imperial Guard Valkyrie and Vendetta, the Razorwing and the Void Raven have no extra armor equivalent, nor can they be taken in squadrons. You know what that means? The breakneck fighters of the Dark Eldar can suffer a Stunned Result and simply hang out hovering for a whole turn. Seems rather silly yes? Okay, I know there are some other interpretations for it, but it does seem to be rather strange when only looking in the context of the abstract to tell the story of a battle that is 40k.

Then again one could argue that having "Flyers" in normal games and being able to assault them is silly as well, but oh well. There is one half of a sentence in the main rulebook they could take out that would prevent that "problem" though... bonus points if you can name the one I'm thinking of.


SeerKarandras November 30, 2010 at 12:46 AM  

I have to say extra armor aside I have been having great games with the Voidraven. I have a Duke Sliscus themed army and they fit in great. I actually like them better than ravagers.

The night shields really make a difference in my opinion. None of the Dark eldar vehicles have ever had anything like extra armor. Granted you can take spirit stones on craftworld vehicles, but I really don't think you need them on the Raiders and such. If you position and deploy your army in a good way you can avoid pesky stunned results.
I played a game the other day where my space marine opponent actually did not shoot anything down until turn 4. This was due to the Night sheilds. people just forget you have them and move their army into a optimal firing position only to learn they are out of range and now in striking distance for your weapons and troops. The look they make should give you a pain token ;-)

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