Oct 26, 2010

Imperial vs. Tyranids - Part 1

Hello everyone again!

So to give some background with this game as its not exactly a "normal" game.

This is me working with a friend to help create some background for my Custom Marine Chapter by playing through some games. This particular occurance is a splinter fleet from Hive Fleet Jormungandr threatening a world under their protection.

There was a game previous to this using Kill Teams where a planetary PDF patrol managed to get word back to command about the Tyranids and as such word was gotten to the Marines quickly, thus allowing an extra 500 points for the marines to represent their quickened gathering and response team.

Now the Tyranids have gathered in numbers and the signs of a Tyranid infestation are all obvious. The PDF gathers itself to repel them in a major city on the planet and hopes that the Marines come before its too late.

Now before I begin, this game is played online using a program called Vassal40k. It is not supported by GW in the least and not supported by the makers of Vassal. The module is a fan supported project. Just a bit of disclaimer I suppose.

In any case, here's the particulars of the game:

2000 points of Tyranids
1500 points of Imperial Guard
1000 points of Space Wolves(They arrive on turn 3 via drop pods however)

Deployment: Pitched Battle
Game Type: Seize Ground, 3 objectives.

Here's what the terrain looks like without any models on it yet.

The walls are AV 14, Block Line of Sight (LoS) if you're not on top and provide a 4+ cover save if you are on top of it. The ruined looking building is a chapel, which Blocks LoS, gives a 4+ cover and has 3 Fire points per side. The blue blocks are just residential houses and block LoS. The woods all give a 5+ Cover save.

So we roll for who deploys first. After getting three ties, I finally win and choose to deploy/go first.

And here we are after deploying. The plan for me was to try and get my guys on the walls asap and have the Leman's cover for them while they do. Unfortunately I took this a little late and missed the Mawlocks my opponent brought along for the ride. Crap. And to make things even worse, my opponent managed to seize the initiative from me, thus why you do not see the Mawlocs. Double crap.

Here's what the board looked like after the Nids Turn 1. Nothing really happened, just a lot of running forward. The Hive Guard took some potshots at the Leman Russes and failed to do anything with their guns. And so it passed into the Imperials turn.

A bit more excitement. The Guard moved forward to man the walls and Ran into the shooting phase to get into position. The Leman Russes moved at combat speed forward and fired with its main gun. I managed to take down a pair of Venomthropes with a single shot, the second shot unfortunatly missed horribly. And with everyone having ran or shot, I passed the turn.

And the Mawlocs come in. One of them all but wipes out one of my Platoon Command squad, while another does the same to a special weapon squad armed with all flamers. Ow. In addition, both the last guys fail their LD and get gunned down by enemies in their retreat lane.

The Tyranids continue to swarm forward. My opponent rolls well on her Reserve rolls and gets her ripper swarm and two Genestealers in. The Genestealers outflank and one of them barely has enough room to come in behind the walls. The other Genestealer squad comes in among the woods. The hive guard open up on the Leman Russes and manage to take out two weapons from the leading Russ and immobilize it. The rear most one gets shaken. The Tyrant manages to nick the Storm Troopers squad with its Stranglethorn Cannon and kill one, but they pass their Pinning check. Come the Assault phase, the Genestealers make paste out of my second special weapon squad. The turn gets passed.

I move the second Russ away in an attempt to get away. It's still shaken so it can't shoot. The Company Command Squad hurries to get near the gate. The rest of my forces don't move. The Storm Troopers open up on the ripper squad, and manages to kill three bases and wound a fourth. EVERYTHING opens up on the Mawlocs. One of the guardsmen with a Lasgun scores a wound on the Mawloc. Give that guy a medal! The Autocannons also open up on the yellow mawloc, but only score another two wounds. Some Lasgun fire manages to take down a couple Genestealers. The Company Command opens up on the Hormagaunts with its heavy flamer and two Flamers and takes out half the squad with it. Very nice.

During my opponents turn, the Tervigon they had in reserve manages to come in and outflanks, thanks to the Hive Tyrant. Not sure why she didn't spawn Termagaunts, but eh. Unfortunatly I forgot to take an image of the end of her turn. Everything moves closer, hormagaunts start swarming past the Lemans. The Tyrant gets close to the front Russ, and the Genestealers move along my back lines to get closer to the objective. The Rippers fall to instinctive behavior which is feed, so they start scurrying towards the Storm Troopers. The Mawlocs burrow and get ready to come up again. The Hive Guard manage to shake both the Russes again, the Tervigon manages to score some hits on a guardsmen unit (unfortunately both of us forgot the "can only assault what you shoot"),who break and get gunned down, and charges the Guardsmen in front of it. The Rippers swarm into the Storm Troopers and the Genestealers assault the Assault Cannons. The Cannons get pasted, the Tervigon gets tarpitted in combat with the guardsmen and the Rippers manage to inflict enough wounds on the Storm Troopers to make them run.

During my turn the marines arrive! Unfortunately due to some misunderstanding on my part, I found out that Drop pods just reduce the scatter distance, not move to make sure you don't mishap. As such, one of my drop pods manages to Mishap, as you can see it land in the middle of the area there. It was originally bound to near those Genestealers to contest that objective. The Storm Troopers rally, barely. Logan gives the Long Fangs with Multi-meltas Relentless so they can shoot their Multi-meltas at the Hive Tyrant. The plan was to try and assassinate that Tyrant and force instinctive behavior on everything. The Grey Hunters land near the Termagaunts so they can open up and contest the objective.

The Long Fangs open up on the Tyrant and manage to inflict three wounds onto it. Darn that 5+ invulnerable save.

Unfortunatly, that's where we stopped. Kind of a cliffhanger , eh? Part 2 will come soon enough!


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