Oct 26, 2010

Hello Everyone

Hello everyone!

I wasn't really planning to do one of these, but Ake insisted that I should do one just to introduce myself.

So again, Hello. I go by many names, but you can just call me Mystic. No it doesn't mean anything, I just like the word is all. I'm a longtime friend of Ake's online where we hang out and play D&D online and discuss things about Warhammer 40k as well. I hadn't been playing in awhile, but I did keep up with the game. Although recently I'm changing that. I'm currently creating a custom Marine chapter.

In any case, I'm around to add some additional posts to the blog and such.

In fact, I'll be adding a post later on a game that was paused halfway. Keep an eye out!

So hello again all ^^


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