Jun 28, 2010

Imperial Guard VS Space Wolves

Had a game this weekend with my Imperial Guard VS Space Wolves. The mission was Seize Ground, Pitched Battle. My primary goal was to keep his transports stunned as long as possible and render the Long Fangs useless as fast as I could. I took the initiative and got ready to move out.

 Deployment begins.

Vendettas move forward to tackle the Long Fangs. I forgot they come in units of 6 and not 5, so I mistakenly thought that I could negate cover by moving around that barricade. Not that it mattered much anyway since my shooting was horrible.

Go platoon command squads! Unfortunately they failed to knock out their target. On the plus side, I did manage to tie up a unit of Long Fangs for a while in combat with a Sargent who refused to fail his armor save!

Njal knocks out a Vendetta.

Once I lost one Vendetta, I moved the other one away so I could use it to contest later in the game. At that point it was a matter of keeping firing lanes open and continuing to stun his transports. The Armored advance then held out long enough to capture 2 objectives. A last minute run roll by some Long Fangs put them into contesting distance on one of my objectives, while my Vendetta was able to contest another objective held by some Grey Hunters.


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