Jun 22, 2010


Well, I just want to share a little prediction that I think will come true when it comes time to do more plastic Eldar kits. I'm thinking that the Eldar will get a new kit the redesigns the Falcon, closer to the current Forge World models, and closer to what all the other Eldar vehicles are looking like. When this comes, I wouldn't be surprised at all to see the Firestorm be a variant of that kit, I mean, after all we did get the Nightspinner. Plus, with all the skimmer-flyers about, it would seem to fit.

Image from Forgeworld


CJ June 23, 2010 at 7:04 AM  

would be nice if only it would not be a Heavy slot :). Maybe they can move some stuff to the Fast Attack slot or something because currently there just isn't enough room to fit another. even though I'm curious how they would change it for normal play.

What are the current rules for it's guns?

Akenseth June 23, 2010 at 7:19 AM  

Yeah, I'd like to see it, but done so it impacts positively across the army. They had a chance to revitalize the Eldar using the Nightspinner but I think they blew it there. I mean, it's alright for Spearhead - oh, wait, it's not going to do much there either. :/

I haven't looked at it in a while, but I believe 54", S6, AP6, Heavy 7 AA Mount Twin-linked. It has the standard shuriken catapults and the normal upgrades available. It also currently transports 6 models.

I'm guessing directly translating it would give it the same rules as a Hydra for shooting skimmers and the like. The downside is that like other Eldar tanks, it is knocked out by a single weapon destroyed result.

Akenseth June 23, 2010 at 7:25 AM  

The problem is though that the Skimmer-fliers in the regular game are becoming AV 12 for the most part. S6 against that just isn't reliable enough for my likings, even with 7 TL shots. Granted, for Apocalypse this works out because its hitting AV10 fliers consistently. I do wonder how they would make the Scatter laser actually be a threat against things other than Vypers and Landspeeders.

Karnsteinchen,  June 23, 2010 at 1:00 PM  

Some wishlisting from me again.

I would like to see it in the next eldar codex. Add 1-2 other new units (Solitaires and Venom), redo some old metal models (droids, spiders), hybrid kits (stormies) and maybe add new jetbike and vyper (venom/vyper combikit?) models and GW would see me spending some bucks on my eldar army again.

Now how do I want to look alike.

1. HS choice, but please move falcons to dedicated transport and allow us to field lords as troops again using a "termagant-tervigon" like system with droid squads. Or really go the BA road and also turn it into a dedicated transport.

2. Oomp up the power against flyer, skimmers and jetbikes... Maybe the hydra rules + "works only against skimmers+flyers" tankhunter skill. That way it would work rather well against such units, but wouldn't make it a better falcon.

3. Don't turn it into a single gun weapon, I really don't think that fits the eldar style, because the downside of getting his single weapon shot of is a "uneldar"-like playstyle. Eldar are not the ww2 japanese of the 40k universe.

@Spinner: Sure, I would have liked a price drop, but I can understand why GW did it. The Spinner was turned from a transporter armed with Arti into a dedicated suppression/movement denial battle tank. Loosing its cargo means that it turned from a alternative choice instead of using a falcon into one, where you would drop your prism tank. Having two tanks with the same statline, sitting in the same slot and both having only one primary weapon, and giving the newer one a different price wouldn't have been sound. Maybe we see the pricedrop if they redo the whole dex, but up until they I can understand why they opted for a codex-internal price tag instead of a "ed5/metagame" one.

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