May 14, 2010

Apocalypse - Titan Cover Saves

How is it possible to give a Titan a cover save - after all they are huge gargantuan war machines. Well, really the best option is to go with other vehicles that can move at the same speed, and cover up the titan, this usually means going with other titans to screen, usually smaller because we still want to be able to trace line of sight with our weapons.

Looking at the Reaver Titan and the Warhound Titan, the Warhound can easily stand in the way of the Reaver, making sure it gets a cover save. But isn't the Reaver too tall to be covered you ask? Well, what I find a lot of players do when determining cover saves is to look at the table in terms of a two dimensional battlefield when really they need to be looking at it for what it really is. Now, everyone is a little guilty of looking at cover quickly in an effort to speed up the game.

Don't forget though that troops and vehicles on the ground are going to be firing up through the Warhound towards the Reaver at an angle, which more easily obscures more of the Reaver titan thanks to the relationship between the angular distance, apparent size and the actual sizes of the titans. Think of it this way, the reason we have Solar Eclipses is because the ratio of the distance and the sizes of the Sun and Moon is about equal, which allows the Moon to totally obscure the Sun despite being many times smaller than the giant light bulb in the sky.

Of course, this translates to just about anything getting a cover save. If you are prepared you can try out some examples of this to learn how to position your units to get a cover save, from the very big, to the very small.


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