Mar 8, 2010

Mini 'Ard Boys

Okay, so while none of us have the ability to physically, nor financially make it to 'Ard Boys, we've been toying around with the idea of running the event ourselves in our own little neck of the woods. Unfortunately, the nearest GW store is over 5 hours away, and I don't really have time to go gallivanting about the country to get in while I finish school and get settled into a new job.

 Random Vyper - because you can never have enough.

Basically the idea is to use the new rules (when they come out) and run our own tournament within that framework. We're even going to chip in some cash so the winner can pick a box set of their choice. Sure, it's not quite the same thing, but it will do in a pinch yes?

I'm debating using Eldar or Imperial Guard and I'm carefully weighing the pros and cons of each at the moment. Eldar I'm far more comfortable with, but I can see the potential of the Imperial Guard if I put some more work into them. Either way, my list will change dramatically, and I'll have to pick up a few more models. (It never ends, does it?). Apollo is on board, but he's not sure if he will be playing Tau or Marines himself.

Time to debate!


Turbo March 9, 2010 at 1:03 PM  

if youre going for the true ard' boys experience, you should play the cheesiest, most broken BS you can possibly conceive - which means Imperial Guard.

its actually quite fun to do occasionally- my gaming group sometimes play 'cheese games', where fluff goes out the window, and we all play the beardiest lists our codex can produce. usually we hold off from anything that breaks from fluff too much, like dual jet-council, dual Nob Biker Horde, dual lash princes etc

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