Mar 12, 2010

Decisions and Conclusions

Well, I've had to make a decision on my army selection so that I can work on it and get it done in time to hit the tables for "Mini-Ard Boyz". That decision in unfortunately going to have to be Imperial Guard for a number of reasons.

Firstly, my Imperial Guard are going to have a better chance to get completed than my Eldar will. With my Eldar, to run the kind of army I want to take will require getting a lot of extra models that I don't actually have at the moment, and will require a greater investment in time and money than my Imperial Guard will. As well, I haven't had as much time developing my strategies for the new scape of the game with my group, and they have been sadly lagging behind in favor of my development of my Imperial Guard.

I don't feel like I will be able to give my full effort into building, testing and working with my strategies with my Eldar as I will with my Imperial Guard. It really is unfortunate as I wanted to run my Eldar for this. On the plus side, I do believe that in this aspect of the game, which is to say the highly competitive side, I can create and use a far more "nasty" Imperial Guard list than my Eldar can hope to put out in their current state.

Just my two cents about my own forces.


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