Feb 15, 2010

In Response: Creative Modeling

We actually discussed this last week on our podcast. Remember when there were droves of people who were saying they would model their armies prone?

Unless the opponent is making a blatant attempt to model to their advantage, ask yourself this: Is it really going to affect the game that much? 99% of the time, as it is with all rules disputes that people seem to get involved with is about some stupid insignificant thing that thanks to the rulebook has a 50% chance of happening - since you know, they're going to roll off about it.

I can't tell you the number of times I've seen two people fighting over the rules that have such little bearing on the game that they might as well get playing instead of spending their time arguing so they have time for a rematch.

What happened to the challenge of adapting to different situations? Is not the modeling aspect and viewing an army part of that challenge. Or are we simply robbing ourselves of another aspect of the game because things need to fit that cookie cutter?

Some vehicles don't even have any standards to them, look at Orks for example. What about all these Vendetta conversions? Some of them have all nose mounted Lascannons, some of them are under the wings and can rotate like sponsons, some of them are fixed. Which one is fair?

What does a standard Vendetta look like? Forgeworld has one, but according to most people, Forgeworld isn't legal in normal games. By extension, is the conversion kit Forgeworld has null and void?

Part of this game is the modeling aspect (not to mention the painting aspect - would you complain about someone painting their models to blend into the table so the opponent might forget they are there?), and with that aspect comes creative modeling.

You can either choose to complain about it, or adapt to it - just like everything else in this hobby.

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