Feb 11, 2010

Battle Report - VS Space Marines

Taking my Imperial Guard army up against some Codex Chapter Space Marines in Pitched Battle, Annihilation, 1750 points.

I wanted to try out some things different and I decided to go with a Leman Russ Squadron, just to see how it would turn out against some Multimelta and Lascannon attacks. I deployed aggressively with 2 Leman Russes and 1 Demolisher. I always give my Russes hull flamers just because I like to fit them in there, and to discourage someone from getting up close and personal. They're also useful for a mad rush into an infantry squad or two.

The plan? Form a solid core and bubble with my Leman Russes, causing as much mayhem as possible, while the Vendetta's worked the flanks and picked off any opportune targets. Since I was going first and the Meltas were still a reasonable distance away, I moved up with my squadron, and started placing templates in the middle of formations.

Template placement here was key with using so many blast weapons. To ensure you get the most effective hits, you want to maximize your chances of hitting any target, not just the unit you are hitting. (More on that later in another post). Vendettas moved up the side, and started blasting Marines, killing 6.

I keep the pressure on with my Leman Russes, knocking out as many full squads as I can until the threat of Melta approaches. In the mean time, my Vendettas work over to the other side, to be able to fire some Lascannon volleys onto select targets to pick off the closest threats. Now ahead with kill points, I perform a retreat in fleeting Eldar style!

As the retreat continues, I take a turn to fire and kill another squad. Just before the Meltas spring from the Land Raider, I pull back, pop smoke on my russes. The Dreads are now visible and my Vendetta squadron knocks out one. However, because I gave up my 4+ cover, I took a Lascannon to the nose, got immobilized, and was wrecked.

The game ended on turn 5, being ahead 4 kill points to 1.


Col. Corbane February 11, 2010 at 7:59 PM  

So, how would you say the Russ squadron worked out for you?

Akenseth February 11, 2010 at 8:08 PM  

Honestly I was a little worried about using it in the game because it simply is such a huge target with AV 10 on the rear. Anything in close combat can severely damage the squadron and I was keeping this in the back of my mind, trying to stay away from, and eliminate those threats with the rest of my army while my Russes got into the thick of combat.

Overall, it performed quite well, acting as a fire magnet and giving cover to the Chimeras. Popping smoke at the key time was also very important to their success as well.

I found that I always wanted to hit the same target with their weapons, and I don't feel there was a time in the battle I wanted to split them up; however, this is due to thoughtful consideration on where the blast templates are being placed and what the rest of my force was doing. I'm going to go over that in another post.

I don't think that it is something I'm going to be running on a regular basis, as it just seems to not fit my style exactly, and I'm still very concerned about something getting into close combat with them - perhaps this is an unwarranted fear?

zealot February 12, 2010 at 1:48 AM  

:> still lovin seein some more blue ice terrain!

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