Feb 3, 2010

Apocalypse Again?

Talking about Apocalypse again, and this year we're thinking that there will be an even larger battle than last year's Battle for Forai Gate - 20000 point Apocalypse game. Everyone has new models now, and some of us even have multiple armies, giving us lots and lots of toys to get out on the table.

We're looking into what kind of scenario to play, and trying to come up something unique from last year (although a rematch might be warranted with the Warhound exploding and basically killing off the majority of the attacking Orks).

Apollo has been talking to me about running a scenario that takes place during the last moments of Flamberge (a planet that is also in the Aftermath Sector). Imperial (and Tau) Forces make their last stand trying to stop the forces of the ruinous powers of Chaos from reaching a valuable relic that can transform the planet into a Daemon world. As the battle rages, the planet is being ripped apart (kinda like in The Search for Spock, but with far more Daemon infestations and the planet warping into a Daemon world.) Of course our game will be tailored to our group, instead of the historical account.

We're just throwing some ideas out right now, we may be getting a larger group in and I'm debating what Superheavy to get next. While we're still in the early stages of planning, I expect the points may be double what we played last time.


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