Feb 7, 2010

Aftermath Campaign - Day 99

We now stand on the 99th day of the Aftermath Campaign, a number twice over representing the twisted nature of the Lord of Change - Tzeentch. There have now been over 2000 battles played for the future of the Aftermath Sector.

Day 99 brings a small map patch that adds a new warzone into the conflict. As the expedition by the forces of the Imperium in the Aftermath sector continue to push into the Tabulis Rift, a dark omen left from the Secleris war has appeared once more.

Completely ravaged and changed by the dark powers of the Chaos God Tzeentch, the former Imperial planet now emanates a dark and perverse energy that is the shear power of Braxton's forces. It is here that the schisms of Braxton have corrupted and devastated many worlds and Contego is now the dark throne of power within the Aftermath sector. Like an eye peering from the Tabulis Rift, it seeks out and directs the hidden will of Tzeentch. Here on the 99th day, a number twice over that of the dark god Tzeentch, Contego ebbs from the Rift bringing with it a dark solstice upon the denizens of the sector.


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