Jan 28, 2010

Pincer Attack!

While I didn't specifically mention it in my last game, I think that it's important enough to talk about so here it goes!

Here is a picture from my last game on the new gaming table. I'm playing against some Space Wolves who are hugging a ice hill for some protection, which happens to come in the form of blocking line of sight and granting them a cover save since the unit is obscured. Now, I don't want this unit to get any closer, because over by that Vendetta there's a pretty sticky situation going on there (mainly Grey Knights holding the line and my Command Squad pumping out some shots).

I'm winning there (well, not really, but all I needed to do was hold the line and keep a few choice models locked in place as long as possible). The other thing is I want to pick up a kill point off this unit. If I approach from the mountain pass, they'll hug the other side of the hill. If I approach from behind, they'll advance further up, putting me in the same situation.

I placed my Chimera at the pass, and had my Leman Russ go around the long way to cover both angles. Now the Space Wolves player has a difficult choice. Move the unit forward to escape the Battle Cannon and Plasma sponsons, but face Plasma vets, a lascannon and the Chimera's heavy bolter and multilaser. Move the unit back, and escape the Chimera fire, but face the Leman Russ, or stay where they are and hug the terrain to try to claim a cover save.

Either way, they all work out against my opponent - leaving them with no good option.

In the end, they hugged the terrain and were eventually cut down. The game ended 7 to 4 kill points.


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