Jan 5, 2010

List Changes?

I have to admit, after playing my last game I had a moment of weakness – that is, I questioned my army list. This is something that I really hate to do, because it does not challenge me in game, it merely shows I’m able to make a list.

Perhaps I should explain my disposition on lists, especially of those on the internet. Generally the reason I don't like to read, let alone comment on lists on the internet, because I don't know enough about the group the list will be used with. There are too many things to consider; which is why most people jump into a certain mode that is stuck somewhere in the metagame.

I can only say what I would personally do, and that is very likely to be something entirely different than the next person would. Perhaps this is just a personal gripe of mine, but I really really hate reading lists.
Anyway, back to my original point of this post, which is why changing my list is bad.

Well, perhaps bad is too strong a word. After some intense thought on the matter, I realized that I had failed, and not my list. I failed to recognize the actions I needed to take in order to be successful, that is to say, win. Some of that I will attribute to my relative unfamiliarity with my Imperial Guard, but also partially for wanting to try out a new tactic that I had come up with, but had not fully experimented with. With this realization I decided to keep my list the same for now.

I think that the reason why people (at least me) look to change a list when things go wrong is because it is the simplest thing to change. After all, as a player you don’t have to become any better, you only need to do some diminutive amount of thinking and punching in numbers on a calculator - essentially a form of "intellectual lazyness" - it's just like when you write something it is important that you don't any words out.

Sure you might make a consideration that you need more of something, or less of something, or how to free up more points, but does that really make you a better player? No, I think not – at least not in the way that real experience will give you.

I will correct my flaws, not my list.


RonSaikowski January 6, 2010 at 8:23 AM  

Well said.
I'm linking your post to my article on a similar topic if you don't mind.

Akenseth January 6, 2010 at 10:22 AM  

Thanks Ron.

Go ahead, link away!

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