Jan 10, 2010

General Updates

Well, I got the message that new stuff is coming soon! I'm excited for it to arrive so I can do some conversions and paint some different models instead of a bunch of guardsmen. My games have also been limited lately and I haven't been able to get any in, not for lack of time on my part but for my opponents who can't make it.

I've been wanting to try a few new tactics out, put up my ideas and show the results in some games. I don't really want to talk about them here because I know those guys read this blog so I don't want to give anything away. (Sorry guys, no freebies for you.) Anyway, hopefully something will happen in terms of games soon.

I'm also trying to get another massive Apocalypse game going in the future. If I had the choice between my Inquisition/Guard or my Eldar, which should I take to the game?


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