Jan 2, 2010

Aftermath Campaign - Day 63

There have now been over 1100 games played for the Aftermath Campaign!

After a long and drawn out conflict, the battle for Flamberge is over. The foul denizens of Chaos have claimed the Relic of Flamberge, causing the planet to erupt in a geyser of destructive warp energy. No long bound in reality, Flamberge sits between Reality and the Immaterium. Such energy knows no bounds, destroying friend and fiend alike without discretion. Commander Braxton could only be satisfied with this result; his master’s plan coming ever closer to completion.

We now sit on the 63rd day of combat in the Aftermath sector. The forces of Disorder continue to lead in the conflict, disrupting and destroying all in their wake. The Forces of Order trying to solidify their defences before the inevitable onslaught. With much of the defending forces scattered from the defeat at Flamberge, the conflict now shifts into orbit of Prox.

The impetus of the attackers goes on unrelenting, continuing to overpower and demolish all in their wake.


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