Dec 12, 2009


Well, this is just a little side segement of my Warring in a Winter Wonderland table build. After some thought and a few trial paintings I decided to make the polystyrene hills on the new board ice. But, I also wanted to get a somewhat realistic, somewhat fantasy looking ice, the kind that has the layered transparency and reflectiveness.

For starters, after sealing the polystyrene, I painted the entire thing the equivelent of Ice Blue. Next I coated in in a thin layer of gloss.

Next, I mixed up some food coloring and future floor polish to get the depth of the blue part of ice. Take a look, really thick ice is blue!

I used a brush to paint the crevaces of the model with my mixture. The transparent nature of the polish combined with the surface tension (this works in a simmilar manner a wash does, but is a lot shinier) gives a 3-dimensional look. Next, some drybrushing to bring out more detail.


Col. Corbane December 13, 2009 at 1:38 PM  

Excellent job mate, well impressed. The board is going to look excellent when it's done.

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