Dec 10, 2009

Aftermath - Newsletter Special Edition

The battle for the Ultima Segmentum continues in the Aftermath Campaign.

The Forces of Disorder push on the offensive, quickly gaining ground since the last newsletter – they now lead by nearly 40 battles. As the conflict heats up, the Prox system remains the focus of the fighting.

The fighting above Prox has intensified as new waves of Ork attackers are aided by the ruinous powers of Chaos in their bid to overthrow the defenders. No small scale conflict can decide the fate on the planet alone. The resistance level of Prox has increased from low to normal. From now on new battles will be less effective on this warzone.

The forces of Nurgle have nearly finished corrupting Ignus. The planet has been sliding slowly into madness, with the defenders barely hanging on. Flamberge has also fallen under heavy attack, Chaos forces trying to find, capture and destroy the relic on the planet surface.

Despite individual planet losses, the Forces of Order now have majority control at the system level, and nearly have the Karsonis system under control to be able to claim the system bonus.


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