Dec 20, 2009

Aftermath Campaign - Week 7

Here we stand on the 50th day of war in the Aftermath Campaign - over 800 battles so far!

The forces of Nurgle were blasphemously triumphant in taking the planet Ignus. The former paradise world has been corrupted into a cruel and festering display of the Lord of Decay. The very waters pus and boil with a foul intent, the skies blackened as soot and filled with a pestilence so putrid it eats away all rational thought. The will to fight among the defenders has been lost; long have they fled from their doom, only to be encapsulated by the babbling insanity all around them. The faith of the Emperor has been extinguished on Ignus, perhaps even permanently.

Flamberge is heavily besieged; relentless attacks following the victory at Ignus have left the Imperial forces struggling to catch up with the invading Orks and followers of Chaos. A large task group has taken to defending the planet, attempting to hold the Relic of Flamberge and prevent the destruction of the only thing keeping the Immaterium from flooding into reality. The sanity of the planet is slowly slipping after the defeat on Ignus, the forces shaken and less willing to fight.

While the defenders struggle to muster enough forces to take to battle, there seems to be no shortage of those making planetfall to rip asunder the worlds from the defenders. Rumour that Braxton is on his way to personally destroy the Relic of Flamberge has been intercepted by spies.

There may be a glimmer of hope left in the sector. Inquisitor Fortez has ordered a warp jump to Arcus Hold where he will attempt to run the blockade of Chaos warships and rearm the Exsequor. Fortez is not known for subtlety when dealing with these kinds of incursions and one could only expect the unmitigated force brought forward using whatever force the Inquisitor deems needed – usually far more than is actually needed.


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