Nov 21, 2009

New Players

Well, it seems as if I am teaching some new people about playing the game and getting into the hobby. Teaching others is always something that is very rewarding for me. I really enjoy sharing what I know, and getting someone into the game I love.

One of the guys already has some Imperial Guard, but has never assembled them, nor played a game until a couple of weeks ago. The other guy is trying to figure out what army they want to use in the game, but they seem to be leaning towards Chaos Space Marines or Loyalist Marines.

The first thing I did was give them some small armies made from all infantry and paired them off in a game, giving some guidance as needed. I helped them through the first game where the Imperial Guard got a win. The second game we introduced some vehicles and this time the Space Marines won.

So far so good. PRetty soon my group will have a couple of new players!


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