Nov 7, 2009

Aftermath Sector - Week 1

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Unrelenting Chaos attacks have decimated the Imperial fleet guarding Arcus Hold. In their bid to capture the weapon stores inside the remote installation, the ruinous powers have swept aside the Imperial and Tau defenders and are closing in on the station. Should the weapons fall into their hands it will spell disaster for the defenders of Aftermath. Although Imperial forces were instructed to gun for Braxton’s ship, it was not spotted so far in any of the conflicts. As the Chaos fleet closes in, the defenders look to be soon overwhelmed.

Elsewhere, the Imperium forces led by Inquisitor Fortez have begun their assault on the Karsonis system, attempting to bring stability to the otherwise lost system. Along with Eldar allies, from the Alaitoc and Il-Kaithe craftworlds, and combined forces of the Imperium are slowly shutting out the corruption in the system.

Tyranid forces assault Alba, but the Imperial Guard and Space Marines in the sector have dug in and are holding the planet for now. Whist the planet remains relatively safe; the system is darkened by the presence of the Tyranids.

Above the planet Prox, the Ork attacks have disrupted the flow of supplies to the front lines. Overjoyed with the destruction of several vessels the Orks have started to loot the supplies for themselves. The local system command is becoming worried that the Orks may use the supplies they gather to outfit themselves with the crude machines they need to strike at the heart of the sector.

Necron activity has been low. The major sighting has been on Remus near the Adeptus Mechanicus base. Fortunately for the Imperium a company of Space Marines were able to thwart their attack. The Necrons retreated swiftly and have not been seen since.


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