Nov 21, 2009

Aftermath Campaign - Week 3

There have now been over 300 battle reports for the Aftermath Campaign! Thank you for all your hard work and keep those games of Warhammer 40,000 coming!

Destruction and conflict continues as the forces in the Aftermath campaign congregate in the Prox system. Imperial forces continue the counterattack against the Orks who are attempting to steal as many raw resources as they can from the planet Prox. Both sides are in a mutual stalemate, as more and more forces are thrown into the fray in an attempt to seize the planet.

While the Imperial forces remain occupied by the Orks around Prox, Nurgle forces have managed to slip control of Ignus away from the Imperium nearly unopposed. The planet seems doomed if things continue as they are.

Scattered Eldar attacks in the Karsonis system have been managing to hold the system, while the Imperial forces have left to deal with the Ork Waaghh.

Meanwhile, the Orks have also begun an attack on Icthan, by throwing giant roks at the planet in an attempt to break back into the system. Imperial authorities are worried that this may be an act of vengeance from the Warboss Razgob, and that he may further attack other planets in the system.

The early advances made by the Imperium seem to be slipping, as Orks and Chaos are overwhelming the forces being sent to deal with them. As it stands, the control the Imperium has is beginning to slip...


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