Oct 19, 2009

The Invasion of Karsonis

There are now less than 2 weeks before the Aftermath Online Campaign begins. If you want to participate, it's not too late to sign up: http://aftermath-sector.com/index.php

“I see the men and women of this planet walking the streets; every single one of them can feel the change scar at their very souls. They feel it gripping them, bending their very desires and warping their darkest fears into reality. The Daemons of mankind are as much real as they are in the immaterium as they are in the very mind and soul of the wicked. One way or the other, this planet will be cleansed – all life save the Emperor’s is sacred no more.” – Inquisitor Fortez before the invasion of Karsonis

Reality shifted; the varicose energy abruptly came untangled, unleashing a swath of energy and tore a hole into the immaterium. Crackling arcs of energy shot from the gaping maw, and from the darkness of space the splinter twilight shards of the warp made their presence known. From the rift emerged the bow of a ship, breaking through the twisted labyrinth of color and chaos into the material space.

Immediately the warp rift sealed behind the craft, the citadel structure slipping through the last part of the rift. The Exsequor, High Lord Inquisitor Fortez’s personal ship would as a virtual bastion in orbit above Karsonis ready to bring the full contempt of the Emperor upon the traitors of the planet.

The weapons and lances were charged up along the Exsequors hull. Inquistor Fortez was determined to rid the planet of the taint of Chaos once and for all. He could see no other solution; either the planet would be reclaimed in the name of the Emperor, or the world would be blasted asunder by the might of the Exsequor and the troves of Cyclonic torpedoes it carried.

From behind the silhouette of the Exsequor would come additional ships from the Imperium, each tearing its own hole through reality to make the warp jump to Karsonis. The orbital defense and the traitorous servants of Chaos was all that stood in the way of the Imperium reclaiming Karsonis…


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