Sep 7, 2009

Battle Report - Imperial Guard VS Tau

So it's finally time to bring out the Imperial Guard in their first game (not counting Apocalypse). This time, they would be facing off against Apollo's Tau at 750 points, Dawn of War, Capture and Control. This was my first time playing Guard, and I'm deliberately keeping myself ignorant by not reading up on tactics and ideas that have come out of them lately. You see, I'm trying to figure out how I can pull some nasty sneaky Eldar tricks at a later date. We'll see how things work out though.

I won the roll to deploy and decided to go first. What can I say, with so much firepower backing me I just wanted to unleash as soon as possible. This being Dawn of War means that I could be relatively safe and when my opponent deployed on his turn I could get blasting as soon as the sun came up.

Leman Russ Executioner, oh how I love thee. The plasma turret and sponsons of this tank are just plain awesome. I'm trying not to get caught up in the firepower of the units but I'm definitely sold on this tank. The opening volley scored 15 hits and nearly vaporized an entire squad of Fire Warriors hiding in a building. They would end up running away. My Astropath signaled my Valkyrie to enter and deploy my veteran squad carrying meltaguns who promptly turned a Hammerhead to slag rendering it immobile and without the rail gun.

The nearby Fire Warriors and the Tau commander shot at my vets and scored a lot of misses and the squad held thanks to the Sargent being still alive. A Piranha moved around my lines, hiding out in a building preparing for an attack run using a Fusion blaster. I knew it was going after my Leman Russ.

I moved my Valkyrie over 12" because I knew that next turn I wanted to embark a different squad that was sitting in front of my objective. I fired what I could on the unit of Fire Warriors before my Melta Vets would go in for the charge. During the battle I forgot about grenades. You see, I hardly ever charge, so it's my own fault for not knowing. Anyway, the Tau struck first, killing a couple guardsmen and the Guard striking back killing none. Again the Sargent meant that the squad held.

Tau battlesuits deep striked right next to one my my units hiding out in a crater, and promptly used a pair of flamers and other weapons on them and wiped out the unit. The fusion blast from the piranha wrecked my Leman Russ. The Tau commander joined the assault, and I lost combat, falling back.

I used my unit of Vets that fell back to fire on the battlesuits with tandem from my command squad lascannon and wiped out that unit of battlesuits. The Valkyrie picked up it's cargo and fired on the Tau Fire Warriors causing them to flee.

The Piranha tried to get into fusion range but was short and missed the shot anyway. The Battlesuits on the flank also opened fire trying to take out the transport, but no luck as well. The Tau commander killed off the last remaining members of my Melta Vets squad.

My command squad lascannon took the shot on the Tau commander, vaporizing him in one shot, puncturing right through his shield. The Valkyrie moved behind the Piranha and deployed the Plasma Vets inside, shooting on the rear armor but only scoring a weapon destroyed result.

The Piranha sped off and maneuvered around a building. I knew it was going to try and contest my objective. I would have to take my troops and make a run for the Tau objective. I made the run, found I was short even with using Grav chutes. It was a very Eldar move, but I was just short.

The game ended up being a Draw with nobody holding any objectives at the end of Turn 7.


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