Aug 3, 2009

Preparing for Apocalypse

I've been quite busy preparing everything for a massive Apocalypse game; the largest we've played yet. Here's the rundown on what I've been working on to get this to come together...

  • Necron Pylon - Building a Necron Pylon from scratch using coffee jar lids and wood, plasticard, brad nails, MDF and some plastic Monolith parts. I'm actually quite happy with it so far. The top and bottom sections can be put together and taken apart with a nut and bolt system.
  • Da Vulcha - A Superheavy Ork Flyer / Transport made from a plastic model airplane kit and plasticard, plus random orky bits. This one will have a Datasheet for download in the future.
  • The Table - 10 foot by 6 foot table put together using the existing table tiles. 
Things are pretty good right now, just waiting for the players to arrive!


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