Aug 4, 2009

Battle Report - VS Tau

Capture and Control, Pitched Battle. My opponent won the roll to go first and chose to go first. The game essentially boiled down to me running along the table for most of the game and him trying to kill two fortuned Jetbike squads that were turboing the entire time.

I had deployed on Fire Prism in a building, and it was a risk, but it really was the best place to start it off in this fight after looking at my opponents deployment.

So after dropping the bright lances in my army list I found myself facing 3 Tau tanks in this battle. I wasn't going to waste too much time with them since they aren't really a threat to my bikes as long as I keep moving.  I did want to knock out the Devilfish though to cut down on mobility later, so I linked the beams on my Fire Prisms and killed it on the first shot.

Next turn outflanking Kroot and a Hammerhead both had their way with a Fire Prism each, and that left me with nothing on the board. I made my reserve rolls, and everything came on the table. I decided to dance around until I could get Fortune up.

Once I had the units Fortuned up, I started speeding across the table to the other side, hoping that the Tau would follow. It worked and started to draw them away from my objective. Even after having an entire Tau army open fire, I lost only one Jetbike. This continued for another turn as I worked everything into position for the endgame. My opponent was using a soild wall of troops and Piranhas to block movement that I would have to carefully manuver around.

A Stealth team dropped by and I wanted to take it out. I shot up and killed the team in combat, but then Piranhas came from behind and shot some Fusion Blasters and Burst Cannons at my unit. I put the Fusion Blaster shots on the Farseer in hopes that the Fortuned Invulnerable save would him, but unfortunately the Farseer was vaporised.

At this point I had three runs on the Tau objective, with mine secure. First run was with a group of turboing vypers which ended up dead after the game continued to turn 6. Next was a unit of Jebikes that had lost their Farseer and so were going in without Fortune. My opponent condenced his block of tanks and troops though, so my 3rd run with Star Engines on the Wave Serpent would not work (keen eye, he saw it coming!).

The Hammerhead fired on the Storm Guardians on my objective and caused them to run. Without Fortune the Jebikes survived amazing ammounts of firepower and stuck around to contest. With the Tau firepower used up, and my other unit of jetbikes clearly in range of my uncontested objective the game ended on Turn 7 with a 1 - 0 score for the Eldar Exodites!


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