Aug 12, 2009

Battle Report - VS Necrons

Back fighting against my regular Necron opponent this time. The game was Spearhead, Annihilation at 1600 points. With the extra points we both would be using for this game I thought that I would try a list I had been toying around with to see how it works out compared to my normal 1500 point list.

Necrons won the roll to choose sides and decided to go first, deploying as far forward as possible. What was my plan? Hang back and blast away staying outside the range of the Necron gunline, boosting away with Star Engines and turbos when something got close. I put down my Falcon and Seer Council to begin the game. Unfortunately I deployed my Seer Council too far forward and they got shot up early without Fortune on by some Destroyers. Lesson learned anyway.


A unit of Necron Warriors emerged from the Monolith. When I saw this, I was just praying my Fire Prisms showed up on my turn. To my luck, both showed up from reserves! I kept my bikes moving for the cover save and stayed castled up in my little corner of the board, well out of range from the Necron guns. Fire Prisms opened fire on the Necrons, one shot missing the Warriors and drifted over to the Monolith, doing nothing to it. The other shot hit home and vaporized some metal men. I also picked up a point killing a unit of Scarabs.

A Destroyer Lord came up one flank, and the other Lord used veil of darkness with a Warrior unit to put me in a bit of a pincer. They shot up my jetbike unit, leaving me with 3 models, and killed both cannons. I sped away from the Destroyer Lord as best I could, then pumped as much fire into that clustered unit as I could hitting it with destructor, Prism Cannons and assaulting with what was left of my psykers. Combat ended up drawn. I was hoping I could knock out some models and win combat, wiping them out.

My Serpent and other Jetbike unit entered on the other side of the table to blast at some Scarabs picking up another kill.

After combat the Lord used the veil again, and ended up mishaping, allowing me to place them anywhere I wanted. So I threw them into the woods, getting them out of range, and just hoping that some of them would be killed by the dangerous terrain. To my luck, 4 of them got 1s. A destroyer killed both the Warlock and Farseer I had left, and the Destroyer Lord minced up my Fire Prism. My Falcon picked off the last Destroyer. The game was now tied. Worst case, I could run around all day with Turbo boosts and Star Engines and force a draw.

On my opponents turn, they used the Veil again, landing on top of my Serpent and mishaped, causing both the Lord and the Warriors to be destroyed. That put me up by two kill points. I sped everything away just as previously planned as if I was going for the draw. Game ended on turn 6 with 5 kill points for Eldar, 3 for Necrons. A good game, but I think I'll stick to my normal list for a while longer at any rate.


Fritz August 12, 2009 at 2:38 PM  

Enjoyed the battle report and the vid- awesome to see two armies on such a cool looking table.

Sahneyoghurt August 13, 2009 at 8:35 AM  

Very nice table indeed. I also enjoyed the Vid and the battle report.

I have just ofund ur blog on Fritz page and as I saw this report I signed up immideatly. Very nice army of yours, too.

I'm eager to see some more of your terrain peaces.
With regards


Akenseth August 19, 2009 at 12:50 PM  

I'm glad you guys enjoyed the game! A table like that is easy to make, it can be done in a couple of days and it is far cheaper, but gives the same use as the Realm of Battle table.

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