Aug 23, 2009

Battle Report - Space Marines VS Necrons

Another day, another game that I didn't play in. One of the players here is trying out a new Space Marine Biker army he made from a few boxed sets.

What can I say about this game? This was pretty much a test of a new army, and right from the beginning, the Space Marine bikes sped off towards the Necron lines firing bolters all the way, abandoning their objective and going for the Phase out. I think that there was a couple of key decisions made with the Necron shooting that could have changed the game, but generally speaking, the Necrons made some bad rolls and just couldn't get past the T5 3+ armor saves of the Marines.

As the Space Marines closed in, the Necrons rapid fired, doing some damage, but it wouldn't be enough. The Lord's unit got trapped in combat, losing, failing leadership and was swept. Now the Necrons didn't have a Resurrection orb to help against the power weapons.

Once both units of Necron warriors were in combat, it was a matter of how many leadership tests they could pass before the army got phased out. They managed to hold on until turn 5, when the dice decided that the game would end in a draw.


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