Aug 20, 2009

Apocalypse - The Scenario - Part 1

So, with the background for this particular game of Apocalypse defined, it came time to work out a scenario on paper and figure out how this massive battle is going to work. Over the course of typing up the plans for the game, there have been many ideas. Some have stayed and evolved into the final product. Others have been tossed completely.

I wanted to capture the historical battle, but at the same time, I knew that my gaming group doesn't have the exact forces to play the battle out the way that it really should be. Essentially what happened was I ended up making two "versions" of the same game.

At the very onset of us wanting to play this game there was the thought of giving each player a secret objective, or objectives that would be worth a bonus at the end of the game when determining the winner. After playing around with the idea, I found that sometimes simpler is better, and not to mention the fact that since I would be the one typing things up, I would know every objective. To level the playing field, and to keep things fair, I decided to just take the most common objectives and make them team objectives.


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