Aug 12, 2009

Apocalypse - Preparations

So you might have noticed that the updates on my Revanant Titan have stopped. Why you ask stop such a wonderful project? My gaming group is planning on having a large game of Apocalypse themed to a battle from the Aftermath Campaign - myself being the host, organizer and designer of this particular mission. Not to mention having to build some custom terrain and models to make it all happen.

I suppose that I could make things easier for myself by dumbing things down, and going with a simple setup of what we already have available to us, but that really isn't my style. I tend to be the kind of person who has a vision and needs to see it in reality as close as he sees it in his head.

Most of my spare time working within the hobby is currently building the aforementioned things required to get this thing off the ground. I already touched on a couple of the models I'm building to bring the game up to spec, but it doesn't just stop there. In addition to the Necron Pylon, and Ork Supa Bomber, I am also building a rather large - and when I say large, I mean in the upwards of 100 inches long defense line/fortress walls, and a large gate large enough for a couple of super heavy tanks to pass through at the same time.

The defense line is made of several modular wall sections that can be arranged in different methods to make a layout that is different each time. The reason I constructed it this way was so that it could also be used in games of Planetstrike as well as regular pieces of terrain and buildings since the towers are also modular and separate pieces that can be used as buildings or even bastions.

The wall sections are about 5" high 3" deep, and about 12.5" wide each. In total there are four of said sections. Each wall has enough room on the top to line up models on 40 mm bases, or two rows of 25 mm bases. In addition to the walls, there are also 6 towers that are 6" wide, and about 8.5" tall. Each will have automated guns on them, and they also have enough room to move models around their top.

To finish off the wall sections there is also a gate with a base that is 26" wide, and with enough room for a couple of super heavy tanks to fit through the enclosure side by side. All of these sections are designed after Imperial architecture, and will fit in nicely with the already constructed city based tiles and terrain.

Next I will talk about the background of the particular game being played. Pictures soon!


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