Aug 17, 2009

Apocalypse - The Background

So, things have been progressing well with the planning of the Apocalypse game. Most of the terrain is in order, and there are only a few things left to actually build. Sealing and painting will come relatively easily.

Apocalypse is a great way to tell a narrative tale filled with heroism and deeds of wickedness. Our battle is based upon the Aftermath online campaign that I ran a few years ago. While my group doesn't have the exact forces that took place in this historical battle, we are going to approximate it as close as we can.

Here is a tidbit of background information about the particular scenario:

The planet Aftermath exists on the border of Imperial and Tau space deep within the Ultima Segmentum. Of the many conflicts that scorched the surface of the planet the the Battle for Forai Gate was considered by most the turning point of the first war. Standing as a vanguard to protect the inner city Forai Gate was ravaged and fought over by the forces of the Imperium and an unending tide of Orks led by the Warboss Razgob.

Razgob had captured the nearby planet of Icthan and had it used as a staging ground for his all out attack on Aftermath. Razgob’s attacks began by raiding the armories of Aftermath, seizing a great number of munitions and deathstrike missiles. Razgob would soon turn these missiles upon the very inhabitants of the planet.

The trouble that Razgob had stirred up was only the beginning for Aftermath. The Arch-Heretic Varlak had unearthed a powerful and ancient relic at the north pole of Aftermath, and using the confusion and conflict caused by Razgob he worked in secret, slowly turning those loyal to the Emperor to servants of the dark powers of chaos. Granted a transformed and disfigured, but resilient body through his dark pact with Tzeentch, Varlak would tumble the planet down into darkness.

Standing for the Forces of the Imperium was the Aftermath Planetary Defense Force led by military genius Commander Acuzio Braxton. In charge of the defense of Aftermath though out the war, Commander Braxton found himself facing the onslaught of Razgob’s incoming Waaagggh. In order to ensure Braxton’s continued command, it was decided that he would be evacuated from the city and orbital bombardment from the Exsequor, High Lord Inquisitor Andantino Fortez’s personal ship in orbit would blast the area into oblivion wiping out any life below.

Opening a Warp Rift from within the city during the Ork attack, the forces of Chaos hoped to exterminate and kill Braxton before he could escape. As daemons poured into the city slaughtering the defenders in their wake, Prince Yriel's Eldrich Raiders, arrived in time to aid the defenders of the city - for the Eldar could not allow this planet to be turned towards the great enemy. As the Eldar flanked the tide of orks, Inquisitor Fortez and his Grey Knights countered the Daemons inside the city.

Razgob was forced to fall back, escaping during the chaos, though he cursed Fortez and vowed to take back Aftermath with a new Waaaggh. After the battle, Fortez concentrated his forces on Icthan, declaring Exterminatus, hoping to remove the Ork threat in this sector. Although the planet was decimated, Razgob had long moved on. The war for Aftermath would continue.

This is of course just a small tidbit in the history of the Aftermath sector. Over several years after the Eye of Terror campaign we had many elements developed for the online campaigns that followed in the style and wake of the Eye of Terror campaign. The planet and sector of Aftermath has a rich background behind it which I hope to share with you in the future. For now, more work towards Apocalypse.


Cannonfodder August 18, 2009 at 11:53 AM  

Nice story:
double use of word:
"...surface of the planet the the Battle for Forai Gate ..."

Akenseth August 18, 2009 at 12:24 PM  

Haha. Thanks I never even noticed!

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