Jul 27, 2009

Revenant Rules

I was fixing a joint in the Revenant Titan's foot that became loose because I didn't stick it together quite properly and I was thinking about the rules for the Titan and how it behaves in 5th Edition. After pulling out the existing pin and cleaning up the joint, I stuck in a longer pin, and reglued the assembly - I'm currently waiting for it to dry so I can continue working on the model. (Pictures soon!)

Back to the rules. I was thinking about how the Revenant's Jump Jets allow it to perform a Tank Shock by "landing" on enemy units. What I'm considering for some tactics is if the Revenant Titan can also Ram vehicles by landing on them in the same manner. As per the rulebook, a Ram is a type of Tank Shock, so it seems to me that it should be able to do this.

I see it like this: Revenant Titan jumps high into the air using the Jump Jets and smashes feet down onto some unsuspecting vehicle and the crew, crushing the vehicle against the ground and sending parts flying off in all directions.

A couple of problems arise from this though. What armor value do you use for such an attack? Interpreting the rules from the main rulebook means that the Revanant would hit the armor that it is facing when it makes this Ram. What about where the Revanant and the vehicle it crushes under its feet end up? It obviously can't end up on top of the vehicle...

Some questions to ponder while I work on getting this model done. What do you guys think?


Death 0F Angels July 27, 2009 at 3:02 PM  

interesting idea. Bieng a super heavy walker and not a super heavy vehicle i think some players would have an arguements there. I would probly allow it myself but stricly speaking rules its not allowed as far as i know via the ramming rules. ill have to give it a look through. Would be interested to see about its legality?

Max July 27, 2009 at 5:28 PM  

Isn't there something about super heavy walkers having AV 14 for their feet for purposes of close combat, as they are more heavily armored there? (Might be just for Imperial titans). And if it's jumping on top it would hit side armor as when a vehicle is hit by a barrage attack.

As for where it lands... if it blows it up, put the Titan on the crater. If it doesn't, roll a scatter die and place it in base contact on that side, facing the same as before jump.

And there should probably be some insane strength bonus for jumping on something WITH A TITAN. Maybe a D strength attack, but you might scatter off of the small target.

Akenseth July 27, 2009 at 7:14 PM  

I've gone and looked into this further. The Super Heavy walker counts as a Front Armor 14 Tank for the purposes of tank shocking (and it can Tank Shock). There seems to be no reason it can't ram in that event, as it meets all the requirements (Is a Tank, Can Tank Shock).

You can only tank shock things that are not gargantuan creatures or super heavy walkers as per the movement rules.

With a Ram however, the rules say that the vehicle needs to move at maximum speed to do a ram. Does the maximum speed become 12" or the 36" as required from the Jump Jets.

What happens if the Revenant does the Jump and destroys the vehicle, as per the ram rules a vehicle is supposed to keep going up to the maximum distance...

As a point to end on, the Revanant cannot end on Impassible or Difficult Terrain, so it can't end up on top of a vehicle.

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