Jul 12, 2009

Return from Exile

I made it back safe and sound after my trip. There is a little story to this post that will require some explaining. First off, let me say, I live in the middle of nowhere. I'm so far detached that the nearest store that sells Games Workshop product is an hour away, and the nearest actual GW store is nearly 6 hours away. During this trip it was one of those rare oppourtunities to actually see such a store!

I usually get everything I need online and delivered because of the distances, but it was nice to get in and pick up a few supplies and not worry about shipping for the small amount of things I got. Another great thing about the trip was being able to stop into a hobby shop and pick up even more supplies, and I found lots of goodies there including a model plane that will be converted to an Ork bomber with some deffcopta bits and a Valkyrie stand. I may play Eldar, but I love building and painting just about anything.

Finally I got to meet with a friend (though not at the GW store) and managed to play a game against his Necrons. I'll be talking about this game in another post. Right now I'm just settling back in and unpacking.

If my tracking information is accurate, a Revenant Titan will be showing up tomorrow on my doorstop.


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