Jul 24, 2009

Reader Responce - YouTube Edition

So I was reading through my comments on YouTube and I came across a recent one from one of my battle report videos. I was very interested in the contents of it and I was thinking about a response. Then it occurred to me on how limited that YouTube is for any kind of lengthy discussion, so I decided to take things here to the good old stomping grounds of the blog. I think I might make a feature out of it depending on how things are going.

As a little side rant, it seems that the closer I get to getting things finished with this army, the more I feel compelled to write and talk about all my experiences in other parts of the game and work more on the blogging aspect. With that in mind, lets get back to our subject matter.

Here is the comment and video:
"Really? 2 Fireprisms @1100 pts? really?"

Inflection aside, the internet is a hard place to try and figure out what people mean by just words alone. I am going to interpret this as being a negative comment towards the army choice here. Maybe I'm wrong. Regardless I'm going to talk about the Fire Prisms in that game.

What I want to say about it is how actually ineffective the Fire Prisms were at least as far as their traditional roles were in that game. Sure they were able to act as wall to protect the objective for some time, but as for pure stopping power, there was really very little they ended up accomplishing besides taking out some Deffkoptas for a few factors.

The main thing that kept them from being effective was how many Orks there were, and the work of my opponent to keep them spread out. I say work because it was literally a whole job in itself just to move the models on the board. Even while shooting the units trying to thin them out models from the back could just be removed keeping a large wall of green constantly getting closer. I would go on to take advantage of the thinning numbers at the rear, but that is a slightly different story.

I feel that for pure stopping power a couple of squadrons of War Walkers would have actually been to my benefit here. Dual scatter lasers would have ripped apart the Orks a lot better than the Fire Prisms, at least that's how I see it.

With the running and the moving though, the army basically is a wall, and it will only take a few turns before it crashes into the other side of the table, choking off wherever you can go, and beating you into a pulp by shere weight of numbers. I'm 120% positive that if I would have gone toe to toe against a horde army like that I would have been tabled easily. Then again, playing an army like that in that setup really forces you to think about the game and not just about blasting things into oblivion. Besides all that Eldar play differently, and that play style is why I love my army.


Karnstein July 24, 2009 at 11:14 AM  

Let me comment on the prism tanks. I agree with you that against hordes, esp. those nasty orks with their koptas and killakanz massive SL fire beats a prism tank. If the opponent has the room to space out his troops, that holds true even more.

But I think that overall the prism tanks fit more to your playstyle. With those other tanks and the jetbike-mounted units you have a very fast force and without proper cover those walkers won't live long. Prism tanks also offer you two more units who can tankshock enemy units from objects, move them in a tighter formation (say horay to destructor jetlocks) and can destroy a raider, battlewagon or russ head on with one combined shot.

Unless you play with tailored lists in your gaming group, I wouldn't drop the prism tanks.

The_King_Elessar July 24, 2009 at 11:33 AM  

Also, while I don't know about your area, in general horde lists are less than hugely common, so it makes more general sense to go with Prisms - which can harm larger hordes even more adeptly, as the opponent runs out of room to spread out into.

Personally, I run 3, almost all the time. :)

KBelleau July 24, 2009 at 6:37 PM  

I love Prisms, I take three in my games.

Akenseth July 27, 2009 at 12:41 PM  

Oh, I'm totally not dropping the Prisms, I love them too much.

@ Karnstein : We don't play tailored lists, but I do have a couple of lists that I like to run and switch between from time to time. One is a list that is more Saim-Hann like (more tanks, vehicles, vypers), and the other is more Exodite like (rangers, static firepower, warwalkers, shining spears as dragoons).

@ The_King_Elessar: We have two Ork players, one who runs some vehicles and another who goes all "foot slogging clog up the board with green" style.

@ KBelleau & The_King_Elessar: I've been thinking about doing up a 3rd Fire Prism for regular games, and getting even more for a Sunstorm squadron in Apocalypse - I tend to want to run other tings in my lists though too, but thats just a matter of personal preference.

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