Jul 18, 2009

Eldar Apocalypse - Psykers

This is part one of a new little segement I'm starting up about Apocalypse and how the Eldar army functions and performs. This is going to be for all of those Eldar Autarchs and Farseers out there who are leading their army in an Apocalyptic battle. Conversely, if you have anything to add to the discussion or questions feel free to leave a comment. Lets get talking Eldar kin and work to restore our lost empire.

I'll share some ideas and tactics and even some examples from my own games that I've played about using Eldar in Apocalypse. I'm hoping to make it a weekly segment, but we'll see how it goes.

First off, let me say, some of these articles are going to assume that there are Super Heavy vehicles/Gargantuan Creatures available to you and/or your opponents. I realise that not everyone has access to those models but I think that it is important to talk about them regardless (you never know when one might show up!) Besides, you might read something about such a model that interests you enough to give it a go. Apocalypse for me is about the grand battle so it feels like a good spot for all the super powerful weapons of destruction.

Every Apocalypse game is different though, as there really is no set format to them, rather whatever the players can come up with, which can make things challenging if discussing situations you're not playing straight out of the book. Which is why I'm going to focus on the Apocalypse mission as presented in the book.

With that out of the way, the topic for this week is Psykers.

Every Eldar commander should be intimately knowledgeable on how Psychic Powers work but things change slightly in Apocalypse. Super Heavy vehicles and Gargantuan creatures are not affected by Psychic Powers (either friendly or enemy) unless they have a strength value, in which case they function normally - so no guiding that Titan.

Farseer Powers

Doom - Does not work on vehicles anyway. Cannot Doom Gargantuan Creatures. Remember, you can Doom targets you want to kill just like in normal 40k, but if you intend to blast something with a Destroyer weapon, theres no need since the Destroyer weapon will just wound automatically anyway.

Eldrich Storm - Nasty thing that can spin around vehicles since it counts as S:3. Imagine turning around a war engine with Eldrich Storm and blowing it up or cripping it with a weaker weapon, leaving your bigger guns free to tackle other targets that turn.

Fortune - Can't cast on your Super Heavy Grav Tanks for a rerollable 4+ cover save. Better off saving it for your other vehicles anyway, since pretty much every Eldar legendary vehicle gets a 50% chance to shake off hits from the holofield anyway.

Guide - Can't guide any Revenants, Cobras, Scorpions or whatever else. Most of these things wouldn't need to be guided though anyway, so just concentrate on guiding the usual things.

Mind War - Gargantuan Creatures are immune to this and you already know it doesn't work on vehicles. One can dream though.

Warlock Powers

Destructor - Works normally, though probably not effectively against either Super Heavy or Gargantuan creatures since it is only S:5. Blast away at the usual suspects.

Conceal - Works as normal since it only affects the Warlocks own squad. I consider it more useful because Apocalypse boards tend to (At least by the reccomendations in the book) have more wide open spaces. Mind you, those wide spaces may be filled with units and vehicles.

Embolden - Works as normal since it only affects the Warlocks own squad. Can be extremely useful with Augment though. (see below)

Enhance - Works as normal since it only affects the Warlocks own squad.

Augment (Ulthwe Seer Council Formation) - Excelent ability to increase the range of a Farseer's powers, considering how large the table becomes in games like this. It requires a psychic test to use though, so it works better if you have a Warlock with Embolden in the formation so you can reroll the test since Warlocks are only LD 8.

Other Ideas

Runes of Warding - Even though it's not a Psychic power, check out how awesome a Farseer with Runes of Warding becomes in a game like this. Even if you limit the range of it to 72" which the rulebook suggests, it only takes a few Farseers with them to cover a large area of table real estate. I think it's even worth it to give a Farseer on foot the runes and stick them in a Wave Serpent to run around the table with Fortune on the Serpent for this effect. It's Apocalypse, and you're probably going to have at least one squad in a Serpent anyway. Runes of Warding are cheap, dirt cheap especially given the large points vaules in Apocalypse.

Ulthwe Seer Council - Given the power of a Seer Council already, this is a good formation already, though placing them in a transport to give them some mobility is a must. The main thing about the formation though is getting the Careful Planning, Ambush and Strategic Redeployment assets, along with Eldrad's abilities as well. You only pay an extra 100 points for those assets, which are pretty much the equivelent of 250 points a piece.

What about you?

Do you Eldar commanders out there have any thoughts on Psychic powers in Apocalypse?


The_King_Elessar July 19, 2009 at 1:32 PM  

Bear in mind that RoWard are free among Eldrad's gear, which, of course, you get if taking an Ulthwe Seer Cuncil. :)

Where in the rulebook does it recommend limiting the Runes' range?

Akenseth July 20, 2009 at 8:54 AM  

Eldrad always comes through doesn't he? Good point, I had forgot to mention he laready has Runes.

It talks about limiting the range of things that effect "the whole table" or that have "unlimited range" to a range of 72" at the end of the Apocalypse mission section.

The_King_Elessar July 22, 2009 at 8:33 AM  

Thanks, I somehow never noticed that...

That said I've only played Apoc once, properly. Every other time has been an in-store (GW) event...too many cooks, too little time. :)

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