Jul 13, 2009

Battle Report - VS Necrons

Another game, another test of my army list. This time it was against my friend's Necrons. 1500 points, Spearhead, Seize Ground. He won the roll to go first and passed me first turn. The objectives were spread out about the center of the table.

I set everything up on the right side of the board, using some terrain and placing a Wave Serpent on my flank so I could take advantage of the energy shield and cover my other vehicles. I gunned for some Flayed ones out in the open on the first turn and managed to knock half of them down for good.

I then started up the side of the board with some jetbikes and Farseer to intercept some incoming scarabs. Only killed one base with shooting due to awesome 2+ cover saves, but I then assaulted and locked the unit up. The combat was joined with the rest of the Flayed ones and some Wraiths. Thanks to Fortune, wound allocation and some luck the combat would go on for several turns without losing a model on my part.

A Tomb Spider would float on over to this combat and start picking off things as well. I should have tried to eliminate it on the previous turn with my Vypers. Looking back now I could have lined up the shots. I lost the combat and was wiped out.

Heavy Destroyers came up the opposite side of the board and did some damage to my tanks, but in the next turn rolled two 1s for armor penetration.

With the game winding down and not being able to pull the Necrons off the objectives I used the speed of my tanks and shuffled things around, using Star Engines on my Wave Serpent and contesting every objective. The Guass weapons of the Necrons had a hard time doing anything since for the most part could only glance, and I was getting a 4+ cover save (albeit I was rolling poorly on this). Next turn I swapped positions of my vehicles on each objective to keep up my cover save and to keep anything that wanted to attack at bay needing 6's to hit.

On turn 6 the game ended with all the objectives contested. Draw!


Fritz July 13, 2009 at 12:01 PM  

I actually find Necrons to be a harder army to play for my Eldar. I'm not that good in the assault which is how you beat 'crons and for the most part they can stand up to my shots, even my seer council is not that effective since witchblades are not power weapons and they get WBB. That said, good use of speed and contesting to turn it into a draw. Not getting second turn hurts, and it sounds like your opponent knew what he was doing.

Akenseth July 13, 2009 at 7:27 PM  

I know what you mean. I find that Shining Spears work, but they don't sit well sometimes in my army, and they're not as durable as a Seer Council as you said. Necrons are so durable, but not knowing that any of the ones that have fallen will be actually dead is a tad annoying. If games were longer then there would be enough firepower to take them out, but as it stands with 5 - 7 turns I too find it hard to do the damage needed in that short period of time.

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