Jul 29, 2009

Battle Report - Tyranids

Playing against Tyranids always forces me to do some careful thinking and maneuvering more than usual. The plan was to hold out in the middle of the table since my opponent would have to start in the opposite corner until the outflankers were done their outflankingness. Is that even a word?


Using tanks as a mobile shield that can keep up with my Dragon Knights (jetbikes) makes for a potent formation. The plan was to move the army as a solid block, keeping the most armored units outward and poping out to shoot, and ducking back in when needed.

Fire Prisms would shoot to thin out the numbers using large blasts... its the kind of force you can thin down, but you are not going to stop it from crashing into you. As the Tyranids got closer, the benefit of having Fortune on 3+ saves really paid off... Dooming the right targets planning ahead also paid off.

I had a unit of Fortuned jetbikes go against some guants and kept things tied up without losing a model. Another Jetbike and Farseer combo engaged a wounded Winged Hive Tyrant who was munching on a Fire Prism, managing to kill it, although they took on heavy losses.

Epic failure on the Vyper shooting meant that I would have to adjust a little more than I wanted to the next turn. Nothing like rolling a bunch of dice and getting 3s and lower when you need 4s to hit...

Vypers got destroyed by the firing Tyranid warriors, and a Carnifex shots tore off the cannon on my Fire Prism.

My Wave Serpent got popped by some Genestealers. The Storm Guardians exited and with help from Doom wiped them out by the use of flamers. I wanted to go out and assist my other Jetbike unit that was going to be tangled up with some Genestealers, but I needed to protect the Guardians that were now on foot. I former a circle around the Guardians using my Jetbikes and used the Vypers to lay down cover fire. Once I could move again they dived for the nearby forest.

The crippled Fire Prism took another hit from Tyranid fire and became a wreck. I was actually reasonably happy with the wreck, since it was going to act as cover for the Vypers.

I actually lost track of the kill points at one point, thinking that I was way behind for some reason, only to find out I was taking more risks than needed. I could have safely boosted away at turn 5 rather than endure some more shooting. In any event I ended up picking up another kill point from a Zoanthrope. The game ended turn 6, with 6 to 3 kill points.


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